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How would you feel if, day in and day out, you ate nothing but processed nuggets?
Now, think about your pet’s diet.

Dry and canned pet foods may sound healthy but are actually designed for the pet owner’s convenience and maximum shelf life instead of nutrition for their pet.

Whether you feed your pet from a bag or can, these heavily-processed foods share similar shortcomings:

  • Cooking and high pressure processing destroys most of the vital enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients.
  • Only a small percentage of the lost nutrients are replaced by synthetic additives but even these are not easily absorbed by your pet.
  • Cheap ingredients including grains and fillers add calories but are actually difficult for pets to digest.
  • Protein levels can look good on the label but can also come from difficult to digest sources.
  • Heavily-processed pet foods contain preservatives for long-term storage in warehouses and retail stores. Preservatives not only depletes micronutrients but have been connected with many common allergies – such as yeast on the skin, paws and in the ears.

10 good reasons to feed raw pet food.


  1. stronger, healthier gums
  2. clean white teeth
  3. improved nutrient assimilation
  4. weight control
  5. less stinky stools
  6. fresher breath
  7. reduction in yeasty ear gunk/infections
  8. softer, shinier coats
  9. friendlier, more affectionate demeanor
  10. healthy mental, psychological and physical stimulation


Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet – provides your dog with the essential vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need for optimum health.


Active working dogs need proper meat protein for energy and strength. Fillers and grains can make a dog sluggish, sleepy and slow – simply by removing these from their diet and providing fresh raw meat will have a drastic effect on their condition, remove excess body fat and improve muscle tone.

Pet dogs at home need a balanced diet to maintain their health. Just as our own lifestyles have changed, our pet’s lifestyles have changed too, with a complex range of factors now contributing to their wellbeing. Pet owners are finding themselves making regular trips to their vets – skin or coat, digestive or behavioural issues – that can usually be linked back to the dog’s diet





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